Sun-Painted Man is a historical novel of intrigue, with real and fictional characters and events. It is based on actual diaries, court papers and photographs that belonged to the author’s great uncle, Christian F. Schuster, who lived with the Blackfeet, spoke their language and knew their culture intimately. The novel is inspired by the true story of Red-Boy, also called Peter Stabs-By Mistake, and by Christian Schuster’s crusade for justice.

Native American/Historical Novel

Published by Clear Light Publishers, Santa Fe, New Mexico

About The Author

Philip F. Schuster practices law in Portland, Oregon. He has been a contributing author to publications in the areas of environmental law and family law. He was a good friend of the late Curly Bear Wagner, a well– known Blackfeet leader and relative of Chief Curly Bear, who adopted Christian Schuster.

"Although a fictional read based on historical facts, actual writings, and inspirations close to my own personal struggles and hardships, this is yet another example of the extraordinary injustice to all indigenous peoples within the walls of the United States." 

Leonard Peltier, 

Author of Prison Writings-My Life is My Sundance    

"An extraordinary story of my people, done in a realistic, traditional manner." Although the story is historical fiction, many of the characters in the story include our most revered ancestors, including my great-grandfather, Red Crow. Sun-Painted Man tells of the traditional values of our people and shows the strength of the conflict of trying to survive in times of unending poverty and cultural clash. 

Curly Bear Wagner

"Based on historical fact, well-researched and imaginatively insightful, Sun-Painted Man, by Philip Schuster, offers a fictional drama set on the Blackfeet reservation during the first half of the twentieth century that is as three-dimensional, empathetic and moving as the case upon which it is based. It rings with intrigue and an Indian perspective. I enjoyed it. You will, too." 

William E. Farr, 

Center for the Rocky Mountain West, University of Montana   

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